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Two Courses and Two Different Spirits in Two Different Locations
We invite you to visit our two extra ordinaries courses, Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) course,
Jack Nicklaus, and Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr.

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Our Courses

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Course

Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Course has been designed to offer an enjoyable mental challenge within a visually appealing setting with every hole positioned within beautifully landscape settings. As Jack Nicklaus's maiden project in Indonesia, he ensured this remarkable 6,545-meter, par 72 course incorporated many of his personal favorite features from some of the world's top courses. The Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Course is undisputably one of the best the world has to offer.

In addition to the golf course, members and their guests will be able to dine at the clubhouse which boasts fantastic views of the course, swim in an Olympic-size pool, play tennis on indoor and outdoor courts, or hone their golf game at the practice facility (complete with driving range, practice green, practice bunker and chipping green).

"There is no single 'correct approach' on most holes. Instead, there are many possible solutions, so that the course remains fresh and exciting each time you step up to the first tee. My hope is that members who play regularly will gradually move back their tee shots, and let the course grow with their game. In this way, the "Spirit of the Hills" will always be as fresh and exciting as the first time they play the course."
----- Jack Niklaus



BSD Course Characteristic


382m Par 4
This par four is a good medium length par 4. Beware of the long sandy waste bunker alongside the right side of the fairway. Too conservative a tee shot to the left side of the fairway will give the golfer a clean but awkward lie due to the “ catchers mitts” guarding the left side of the fairway. The second shot into the medium-sized green is fairly straight-forward. Avoiding the three bunkers leading up to the green is really the only difficult hazard to bew

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407m Par 4
After getting off to a quick start on the first hole, two long, precise shots are required for a two putt part on #2. The ample width of the fairway will allow the golfer to let out the shaft on the tee shot, but favor the right side of the fairway to avoid the two fairway bunkers to the left of the landing area. This will leave a good view and angle into the green. A bunker guards the right side of the green, but a careless shot to the left side of the green could create a testy little pitch due to the numerous lows to the left of the green.

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174m Par 3
We have now reached the first of our par 3’s. When playing this medium-length par 3 the golfer needs to make sure he has plenty of club to hit over the water but not too much club where the bunker behind the green may catch a ball hit too far. Ample fairway is provided short and to the right of the green, but too cautious a shot may find another bunker short right of the green.

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485m Par 5
# 4 is only the first of the four very interesting par 5’s. From the tee, the golfer must make a decision. “Should i play a safe shot to the right side of the fairway, away from the frightening bunkers and hollows to the left, or should i take a gamble and try to hit a big drive over them and be rewarded with a shorter, easier angle into the green for a possible two putt birdie?”. If the golfer makes the safe choice, then an accurate second shot is required to position the golfer for the easiest angle for the third shot into the green. Whatever the golfer chooses, #4 should prove to be a very eventful and unforgettable hole.

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398m Par 4
A long, straight drive is required to dissect the two large waste bunkers guarding both sides of the fairway. Like wisw, a long accurate second shot is needed to hit the green while avoiding the three bunkers surrounding it.

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292m Par 4
A Tricky short part 4 awaits the golfer at #6. The more the golfer gambles and succeeds, the bigger the reward, but if the gamble is lost, a for sure bogey or more awaits. The gamble is to try to hit a big drive down the left side of the fairway while avoiding the deep pot bunker in the center of the fairway and the large waste bunker to the left. If the golfer is successfull then a two putt birdie, or the rare one putt eagle, is possible. If the gamble fails numerous hazards lurk, so that a double bogey could be a welcome score. The consevative way to play the hole is to hit a fairway wood or along iron off the tee, leaving a short iron or wedge to the green.

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158m Par 3
Multiple tees allow the golfer a variety of yardage to play to this exceptionally beautiful green setting.The green site 15 meters above the Cisadane River brings to mind famous green setting one would except to see along the coast of California instead of Indonesia. Don’t let the beauty of this hole distract you too much because there are plenty of hazards around the green that could quickly subdue one’s mood.

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491m Par 5
The second of the par 5’s, #8 requires a well-placed drive.Beware of the water guarding the right side of the fairway on the tee shot. A drive played too cautiously to the left will leave a long second shot over a long sandy waste bunker along the left side of the fairway and the crossing in front of the second landing area. The best tee shot will be played down the right side so that the ideal second shot can be played to the left side of the fairway or possibly hit to the green if the drive is long enough. The green is convex-shaped in the front with the back half draining right to left. Therefore, the third shot, if hit from right of center, will be difficult to hold.

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414m Par 4
The is a long, difficult par 4. Offthe tee beware of the sandy waste bunker to the right. Due to the length of the hole, the golfer will want to hit the tee shot long, and down the left side of the fairway to be able to hit into the full depth of the green for the second shot. Beware of the fairway bunker that guards againts a ball hit too far to the left off of the tee. The large green offers a good target for a fairway wood or long iron into the green. The green is well protected by a bunker in front, water to the right, and more sand behind. The only safe alternative to a shot hit directly at the green is to the left.

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409m Par 4
A long carry over water is required for a tee shot hit toward the center of the fairway. A large bunker guards the left side of the landing area while the first half of the fairway, a strip angling from right to left, is well protected by three bunkers. The second shot is a straightforward one to the green. A large sandy waste to the backside of the green awaits any shot hit long or left of the green. A delicate little pitch out of a grassy hollow awaits a shot hit right of the green.

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184m Par 3
This medium length par 3 is the best played by fading the ball off the tee to the green. The golfer must negotiate the water and the sand bunker surrounding the left half of the green. A ball fading too much will find a shallow grassy hollow awaiting. This is a hole where there will be a lot of birdies, but also a lot of high numbers.

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377m Par 4
Avoid the sand bunkers on either side of the fairway off the tee. The second shot into the green will be an interesting one. Feel, more than strategy and technique, is the premium for this shot. The green is elevated so that the putting surface is blind to the golfer from the landing area. The only part of the green that is visible is the false fronts at the front of the green and the flashes at the back. Therefore, even though the actual putting surface is not visible, the golfer can still gauge the depth of the green.

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518m Par 5
This is the type of par 5 that can play very simply or it can be like a row of dominoes. One mistake can trigger one disaster after another. The drive is a simple one; just avoid the two fairway bunkers guarding the left side of the landing area. If the second shot is hit from the fairway, the first set of cross bunkers should not be difficult to carry. If the drive finds one of the fairways bunkers, then the cross bunkers can became a frightening hazard. This same situation accurs for the third shot. The green is a relatively simple target from the fairway, and the cross waste bunker short of the green should not cause a problem when hitting the green. The cross waste bunker can be hazardous if the golfer is trying to hit over it from the first set of cross bunkers, or is trying to hit out of it to the green. Therefore, if anywhere during the hole the golfer ends up in a fairway bunker, he might want to consider chipping out short, and taking his chances for a sure bogey instead of trying a heroic shot to save par.

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175m Par 3
Here is a unique par 3. Basically, it is an island green in a sea of sand. The large green is an ample target to hit to, but any stray shots, whether short, long, right or left, will require a sandy to make par.

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389m Par 4
After having to negotiate sand and water through the first 14 holes, the golfer will immediately notice that there is no sand or water on this hole. The golfer should not let down his guard though, because there are many subtle treacheries that could wreak havoc with a golfer’s score.
The golfer needs to avoid the large grassy hollow alongside the right side of the fairway. “Catchcers mitts” will snare any tee balls hit too far to the left avoiding the grassy hollow to the right or while trying to reach the part of the fairway offering the best angle into the green.
The convex green sits on top of a hill. A crisply struck, spinning fade is the best shot for holding this green. Closely mowed fairway surrounds all but the right side of the green. Therefore, a shot missing the green or rolling of it will result in a multioptional chip shot to get the ball up and down for par.

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426m Par 4
A spectacular view awaits the golfer from the tee on this hole. A multilevel double fairway lies in front of the golfer with a view through the lower fairway, across the water and sand, to the green. If the golfer chooses this route, he will be left with a shorter shot to the green, but a more difficult angle. If the upper fairway is the choosen route, a longer shot to the green is required, but the angle to the green is easier. Avoid hitting left of the green because there is a large waste bunker there to grab and balls and any shots hit left of it will find a lake.

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360m Par 4
An ocean of sand awaits any shots hit too far to the left.From the tee, the best shot is to get as close to the waste bunker as possible without going in. This allows for the shortest shot and best angle into the green. A careless shot hit too far to the right may find the bunker guarding the right side.
The key to the hole is avoiding the waste bunker. for the short hitter, the fairways works all the way arround the right side of it so no one has to play over it if they decide not to.

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490m Par 5
This is a hole where a golf tournament or match will more likely be lost than won. From the tee, while looking across sand, water and into the green, the golfer will be tempted to hit a big drive so as to be able to strike his second shot over the water to the green. The cautious route in playing the hole will take the golfer around the lake, but multiple bunkers and water around the green will even make the third shot a little frightening. A score of 5 on this hole will be a good score that will win a match more times than not.

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BSD Course Score Card
Hole   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 OUT
Par   4 4 3 5 4 4 3 5 4 36
Index   8 4 10 14 12 18 16 6 2  
Black Tee   382 407 177 485 398 292 158 491 414 3.204
Blue Tee   360 388 152 463 373 282 140 461 398 3.017
White Tee   339 369 132 453 346 263 119 430 376 2.827
Red Tee   308 330 111 442 314 235 99 420 349 2.608
Yellow Tee   276 283 89 394 278 210 88 392 290 2.300
Hole    10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 IN TOTAL
Par    4 3 4 5 3 4 4 4 5 36 72
Index    3 5 11 9 17 7 1 15 13    
Black Tee    409 184 377 518 175 389 439 360 490 3341 6.545
Blue Tee    389 170 359 496 162 372 406 325 473 3.152 6.169
White Tee    364 149 336 466 147 347 379 305 449 2.942 5.769
Red Tee    332 150 306 411 137 316 348 280 375 2.624 5.232
Yellow Tee    278 127 259 390 116 270 301 241 328 2.300 4.600

PT. Damai Indah Golf Tbk.
Jl.Bukit Golf I, Sektor VI
Bumi Serpong Damai,
Serpong ,Kota Tangerang Selatan
(62-21) 537-0290  
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